From the same writers who produce our trial exams

While The Heffernan Group only supplies its trial exams to schools, we do have a fantastic resource for students.

It’s called Mathstute!

By subscribing to this online program, VCE Maths Methods 3 & 4 students and Further Maths 3 & 4 students will have access to a multitude of practice exam questions. These are written by the same team that produces our trial exams.

Questions are divided into topics so that students can complete a topic in class and then practise the sort of questions they might get on that topic in their end of year VCAA exams.

 Every question on Mathstute is based on an end of year VCAA exam question that has appeared previously so students don't waste their time doing questions that are unlikely to appear on their final exam . 

Students can attempt a question, check their answer against the solution provided and, if still in trouble, view the video presentation which explains the solution in even greater detail.

At present, Mathstute covers Maths Methods Units 3 & 4,  the core and Modules 1 and 2 (ie Matrices and Networks) of Further Maths Units 3 & 4.

The rest of Further Maths and Specialist Maths Units 3 & 4 will become available in 2019.

For more information, we invite you to visit the official website at